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  1. Hello,

    My name is Sherry Lindsay, and I am a professional genealogist. I am looking for an obituary for a man who died in Washington County on 11 November 1885. His name was John J. Smith. Does your library hold microfilms of newspapers going back to that date? (I have already checked the major digitized sources.) If not, can you recommend a library that might? If so, what are the fees to conduct this sort of search? Thank you for your assistance!

    -Sherry Lindsay

    • Sherry, 03/13/2020
      I received your request for an obituary for John J. Smith. We do not have that information here at the Library. I would suggest that you contact the Washington County Historical Society here in Washington, KS. They have the old newspapers on microfilm back that far. Here is all their contact information:
      Washington County Historical Society
      216 Ballard Street, P.O. Box 31
      Washington, KS 66968
      785-325-2198, email address:

      Their hours are Tuesday through Friday 9:30 am to noon, 1pm to 4pm. However they run on volunteer help so if you don’t get a hold of someone by phone, try again. You will need to ask them what fees they charge. I do not know that information.
      Janet Keller – Library Director at Washington Public Library, Washington, KS.


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